B.Ed (Bachelor of Education)

The Bachelor of Education or B. Ed is defined to be an undergraduate program specifically caters to those students who are interested to build their career in teaching and its related fields. This course is basically referring to 2 years of duration skill based training program that would be pursuing to improve the knowledge of the students regarding the aspects of classroom teaching.

TET (Teacher Eligibility Test)

The eligibility test is an entrance examination is defined the criteria to become a government teacher in a state and central level. It is an entrance exam for teachers who want to become a government teacher. This test is mandatory for getting teacher jobs in government schools from class 1 to class 8. In this test the paper 1 is meant for the teachers who are opting for class 1 to class 5 and the paper 2 is meant for the class 6 to class 8. The teacher eligibility entrance test is conducted by both the central government and state government of India.

TRT (Teacher Requirement Test)

The teacher recruitment test is a basic recruitment test for recruiting teachers in almost all states. These testes is generally attempt to measure the aspiring teachers and their substance of knowledge and skills. The TRT test used in the schools to ensure that the recruited educators are qualified to teach the primary and secondary students. Each individual state has their own set of recruitment process and their own set of standards for conducting the test.