B.Ed (Bachelor of Education)

The Bachelor of Education or B. Ed is defined to be an undergraduate program specifically caters to those students who are interested to build their career in teaching and its related fields. This course is basically referring to 2 years of duration skill based training program that would be pursuing to improve the knowledge of the students regarding the aspects of classroom teaching.

As it required the minimum qualification for entry into B. Ed courses is Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science. While the students of Arts are trained to teach the subjects like History, Civics, Geography, and languages, the students from the Science stream are trained to teach Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

The current duration of these courses will give the professionals a cutting edge of aspirants any other professional courses. The course comes some other strict norms for student’s means the students must mandated to complete B. Ed within the 3 years from the date of admission. These increase durations will generate better professional and outstanding teachers. These professional and academic options are available to those students who are graduating with B.Ed degree.